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 Beast soul!

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PostSubject: Beast soul!   Fri Jan 17, 2014 12:53 pm

Able to combine the different arms (Not full take over) for beast souls.
Ex: Stone arm + Lizard arm = High damage that's fast

Bull Arm + Iron arm = An extremely powerful hit at regular melee speed. <---- Does more damage than stone bull arm.

Black Bull + Stone bull = Stronger than second ex , but 1 second more on cool down.

Iron Bull + Stone bull = Even stronger than black, and iron together, but 1.5 second cool down.

And while in combination it constantly drains magika!
Yes depending on the combo it will drain more, and more magika.

And in term for combination we can get rid of having a second magic i feel this would be better having a second magic since i find no other magics going well with beast soul in the slightest.
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PostSubject: Re: Beast soul!   Wed Jan 22, 2014 6:31 pm

atm, no magic does, but there are many magics that arent covered, and will probably be, and ive seen quite a few that are str based

although a god number seem like theyd be pointless as full blown magic from my angle, such as Titan and requip >.>

but thats my opinion.

either way i dont really object to the proposed above, as long as the buffs are balanced by the backdraws

tbh, i think the thuings like transing in BTO, Dark ecriture, satan soul, the drives for shadow and white ds, and Meteor all need a slight tweaking with how they work.

i personally would vote for a magicka/stamina drain system that removes you from the form when your magic gets too low. the drain probably would increase as yoyu get stronger and faster ect...

but idk, just my input on a magic that ive seen/iconned/used
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Ghost of ET


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PostSubject: Re: Beast soul!   Thu Jan 23, 2014 3:45 am

If Beast soul is going to get things drained then the stats boost had better been buffed Surprised. Cause right now >.>. It's weak.
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PostSubject: Re: Beast soul!   

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Beast soul!
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