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 Guild Passives List

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PostSubject: Guild Passives List   Sat Jan 18, 2014 1:36 am

Fairy Tail
Fairy's Heart: This gives you a 25% chance of revival back to 25% health instead of being killed.

Lamia Scale
Shed Skin: When under 25% health there's a chance for you to shed your skin removing all status effects on you.

Blue Pegasus
Winged Speed: When under 25% health you move at 2x speed.

Mermaid Heel
Mermaids Charm: When under 25% health, a male enemy who damages you has a chance of being stunned for a couple of seconds.

Quattro Cerberus
Wild Mode: When under 25% health. All damage you deal is 25% stronger.

Raven Tail
Raven Flap: When under 25% health, there,s a chance to teleport around an enemy who damages you, messing up their aim.

Fist Of The Tiger: When under 25% health your punch speed is doubled.

Phantom Lord
Phantom Phase: When under 25% health theres a chance that you will temporarily become invisible
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Guild Passives List
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