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For the BYOND game Fairy Tail by Ryan-hemsley
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 Just some ideas you can take for consideration

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PostSubject: Just some ideas you can take for consideration   Sat Jan 18, 2014 11:45 am

1) When you win events you get Event Points (ep) and you can trade ep to change magic or hidden magic for that magic type they have

2) Give Magics hidden magics they have to earn from missions

3) Add quest and when you finish quest you get things like a hidden magic, foodd, clothes, etc

4) For events Capture The flag(CTF), Maze, Race, Defeat a boss NPC, Dodge Power ( Dodge ball lol no stuns allowed or be kicked out)

5)Add pets to fight along with you

6) Longer Life

These are Izzii Ideas i know some are stupid but im trying lol lol! lol! Very Happy Very Happy Smile Smile rabbit rabbit lol! lol! afro geek jocolor 
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PostSubject: Re: Just some ideas you can take for consideration   Sun Jan 19, 2014 4:31 am

1) I don't agree with magic changes.

2) Missions to earn hidden magics sounds a bit cliche if you ask me, might be a better way for this or lets not have hidden anything. Just a rare magic that's harder to spawn with.

3) I agree with everything else besides getting powers/magics from quest. Food, Clothing and maybe bonus rare items that increase Stats like Defense and Magic Resistance would be nice.

4) Okay

5) No thanks, the idea of a pet is a bit much for right now and seems cheap to have an NPC fighting with you. This is Fairy Tail, not Pokemon. Sorry.

6) Damage Calculations are fine from what I've seen, maybe a few nerfs here and there but the system works.
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Just some ideas you can take for consideration
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