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 Alpha Testing Magics.

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PostSubject: Alpha Testing Magics.   Wed Sep 18, 2013 9:09 am

Fire Dragon Slayer

Fire Dragon Slayers are like most dragon slayers, both close and long ranged fighters. They have Total mastery over the Fire and can even Eat other fire magics to reduce damage, rendering them ineffective. They cannot eat their own flames but can eat the flames of other Fire Dragon Slayers making these fights very tricky. They also have a burn effect on their attacks that damage enemys over time.

Ice Make Wizard]

Ice Maker Wizards are long ranged fighters, relying on their projectiles for damage. They are also able to make shields to block the attacks of others and make a prison over the enemy, stoping theyr movement.

Sky Dragon Slayer

Sky Dragon Slayers are unlike the other dragon slayers that are only good for direct battle. They have magic that can heal their allies and also have support spells to use on their allys or themselves. These spells buff Damage, Defense and Movement Speed. However like other Dragon Slayers they have both long ranged and short ranged magics.
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Alpha Testing Magics.
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