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 Guild Standings.

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PostSubject: Guild Standings.   Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:20 pm

This is one of the biggest feature in Fairy Tail and before this game progress and become an even greater success this problem must be fixed!

So from my knowledge 500 GS(Guild Standing) = 5x Gains. So 200 GS = 2x Gains 100 = 1x Etc.

The issue is that only the strongest guild with the strongest player will survive, this isn't the underlying issue of course because sure the strong deserve to be in positions of power it's just that. EVERYONE CAN NOT CATCH UP that are in abandoned/weak player guilds I.E Raven Tail, Fairy Tail. Stuck at 50 GS always = 0.5x Gains.
It's already hard for a newbie to catch up, don't make it even harder on them lol. I'm personally am I Phantom Lord the guild thats always on top, gains are great that's why I'm always ahead and when I go to PvP i'm winning most of my fights the weak guilds can't keep up.

So here are some suggestions.

Make the minimum 100 GS, 1x Gains. Do the new guys really deserve 0.5x? (well most of them are newbies)

Increase standing gain from missions! Hear me out on this. Now it's very easy for people to die a couple of times along with comrades and the accumulative lost of GS adds up.
I'd say D rank should give 2 GS. (But really I think D ranks should get 5-10 GS, this way everyone can PVP to their hearts content, knowing that they can build up GS again with ease with everyone helping out.)

C= 4 GS
B = 6
A = 8
S = 10
SS = 12

I know they has to other ways to balance out this guild standing situation. I feel its a bit broken and unfair, the strong will remain strong and the weak will remain weak. Eventually everyone will just flood to the strongest guild because well, they want to get stronger. That's how I see it anyway.

Think about this, you're trying to train but you're constantly being raided and GS dropping. You're stuck at 0.5x Gains and the people raiding have 3x-5x gains. That's really discouraging.

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Guild Standings.
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