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 Dragon & God Slayer Magics

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PostSubject: Dragon & God Slayer Magics    Wed Jan 29, 2014 3:42 am

Hey I made this Guide because the other one is Unfinished so Lets Start

First of all you obtain all your Dragon and God Slayer spells at "100" Magic Power !
Dragon Slayers Also obtain Dragonforce at 100 ALL STATS(Ty Raz)

DragonForce is a Attack Speed + Meele Damage + Spell Damage Increaser

In this game they made Generations which decides at how much % Health you can use Dragonforce .

First Generation = You Must be at 25% Health
Second Generation = You Must be at 50% Health
Third Generation = You must be at 75% Health

Now as a DragonSlayer and a GodSlayer you can obtain your Second Magic @ Lvl 20(DragonSlayers can only eat Dragonslayers and GodSlayers only GodSlayers)

There are 3 Types of GodSlayers and 7 Types of DragonSlayers


Fire DragonSlayer(Natsu) Spells : FireFist(Meele), Wing Attack (Aoe Dmging Spell with a Small chance to Push Back) , Roar (1 Line Beam), Brilliant Flame ( Projectile) , Secret Art ( 3 Tiled Beam ) Fire Dragons Sword Horn(Dashing Dmg Ability Straight Line) Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragons Fist(MultiHit Meele High Dmg)

Iron DragonSlayer(Gajeel) Spells: Iron Dragons Club (Meele Attack"chance to Pushback) Iron Dragons Spear (Multihitting 1 Line Projectile ) , Iron Dragons Sword (Meele Attack) , Roar(1 Line Beam ) , Iron Dragons Iron God Sword (1 Line Projectile Hitting everyone in 1 Line. NOTE: High DMG ) . Iron Dragons Scales ( Strength/Defense Buff. NOTE : Stacks with Dragonforce and other Buffs) , Spiral Drill ( You Become a Mutlihitting Projectile Hitting everyone you run into ) , DragonForce

White DragonSlayer(Sting) Spells : White Dragons Claw (Meele Attack) , White Dragons Punch(Meele attack"chance to Pushback) , Holy Blast (Nice Looking 1 Line Projectile) , Roar (1 Line Beam) , Holy ray ( 3 Lines infront of you Homing Multihit Projectiles ) , Holy Breath ( 3 Lined Beam hitting everything 2 Tiles away from you which means you dont deal dmg if you use it on someone 1 Tile infront of you NOTE : Chance to Multihit + PushBack), White Drive(Speed,Dmg Buffing Buff Stacks with Dragonforce and other Buffs) , Holy Nova ( Meele Spell Hitting Everyone in a 3x3 Radius(not sure) )  DragonForce

Shadow DragonSlayer(Rogue) Spells : Shadow Dragons Slash (Meele with Pushback Chance) Shadow Dragons Blade (Meele Attack ) , Shadow Dragons Claw (Meele),  Waxwing Flash ( Multihitting Meele) , Shadow Dragons Crushing Fang ( 1 Line Projectile) , Roar(1 Line beam) , Shadow Drive(Speed,Dmg Buffing Buff Stacks with Dragonforce and other Buffs) , Shadow Dragons Eruption (Target Binding with Dmg), Shadow Dragons Vortex ( Single Target Binding With Dmg ), DragonForce

Posion DragonSlayer(Cobra) Spells : Poison Dragons Spiral Jaw(Melee attack), Poison Dragons Fang Thrust(1 Line Projectile) ,  Poisons Dragon Crushing Fang (Meele Attack ) , Roar ( 1 Line Beam ) , Posion Dragons Scales ( 7x7 Aoe Spell) ,  Corrosive Typhoon ( 1 Target Bind Causing High Posion and Stunning the Target for 5-10 Seconds) . DragonForce

Lightning DragonSlayer(Laxus) Spells : Lightning Dragons Jaw (Meele Attack), Lightning Dragons Fist ( 1 Line Projectile Chance to stun), Raging Bolt ( 1 Tile Projectile Chance to Stun) , Roar ( 1 Tile Beam Chance to Stun) , Lightning Eruption ( Target Stun with Dmg), Lightning Dragons Halberd ( 1 Second Casting Beam 1 Tile and 100% stun if hit ) , Roaring Thunder (Multi Hitting Meele ) , DragonForce

Sky DragonSlayer (Wendy) Spells : Sky Dragons Punch (Meele Attack), Sky Dragons Wings (Multi Hit Meele )
Roar(1 Tile Beam With Pushback) , Heal(Target Heal You can't move while Healing someone or yourself) ,
Armor( Armor Buff), Arms(Damage Boost), Vernier(Speed Boost) NOTE: To Buff Yourself just Target(double click) yourself. , Sky Drill ( Target Bind + Damage) NEW Sky Dragons Curse(Steals Stamina and Magika, Sky Dragons Blessing(Aoe Heal ),  DragonForce

God Slayers

Lightning God Slayer(Orga) Spells : Lightning Gods Blast ( 1 Line Projectile with Stun), Lightning Gods Bellow( 1 Line Beam with Stun),  Lightning Gods Fist ( 1 Line Projectile with stun + Pushback), Lightning Gods Boreas( Same as Lightning Gods Bellow just Higher dmg) , Eat Lightning(Self Stun +40% Maximum Health Heal),  Raging Storm ( Full Screen Aoe ) NOTE: Immune to Lightning Dragons Projectiles You Regain Magika.
only Meele Lightning Spells deal 50% dmg

Flame God Slayer(Zancrow) Spells : Flame Gods Punch( Meele Attack) , Flame Gods Explosive Flame ( 1 Tile Projectile ) , Flame Gods Kagetsuchi (1 Tile Beam),  Flame Gods Bellow(1 Tile Projectile) , Flame Gods Supper ( 1 Tile Projectile with Stun), Eat Fire ( Self stun + 40% Maximum Health Heal ) Flame Gods Scythe (3 Tiled Mutlihitting Spell) NOTE: Most Of All Spells Cause Burn that can STACK, Immune to Fire Dragonslayer Projectiles You Regain Magika , Only Meele Fire Spells deal 50% dmg

Sky God Slayer(Chelia) Spells : Sky Gods Boreas (Multihitting 1 Tile Beam), Sky Gods Bellow ( 1 Tile Beam ),
Sky Gods Punch (Meele Attack), Sky Gods Dance ( Aoe Damaging Spells ) , Sky Gods Heal ( Target Heal Same as Sky Dragons Slayer ) , Eat Air( Self Stun + 40% Maximum Health Heal) , Heavenly Gathering of Clouds (Beam ) NOTE: You Are Immune to Sky DragonSlayer Projectile and regain Magika. Only Meele Spells Deal 50% Dmg  , NEW : Sky Gods Blessing  (Aoe Heal)+ Sky Gods Curse (Debuff)

Thats it For now .... If Ryan Decides To add Something in the Future I will Update This Guide Smile
i Hope the Guide Helped you out Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon & God Slayer Magics    Wed Jan 29, 2014 3:52 pm

Great guide! this will definitely be a great help to new players.
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Aomine Daiki

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon & God Slayer Magics    Tue Feb 18, 2014 12:29 pm

What is the point of Lightning God's Bellow and Boreas being the same thing except one dealing higher damage? That screams of not so well thought out, at least make one a 3 tiled move with a knock back or something.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon & God Slayer Magics    

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Dragon & God Slayer Magics
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