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For the BYOND game Fairy Tail by Ryan-hemsley
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 General Guid / FAQ

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PostSubject: General Guid / FAQ   Tue Oct 15, 2013 9:44 am

FairyTail Guide

To Train:

1. Hit Npc’s/ players to train strength
2. Use skills to train Magic Power
3. Let people punch you to train Vitality and Defense
4. Let people use skills on you to train Magic Resistance
5. Walk around or do the above to train Speed

To learn new skills:

1. Train Magic Power level
2. Train Strength, and Defense

To find your way around

1. Read the signs on the side of the path
2. Ask for directions if your really lost

To reach a new rank:

1. D-class is level 5
2. C-class is level 10
3. B-class is level 20
4. A-class is level 45+
5. S-class you must be a A-class mage and pass the exam S-class exam
6. Guild Master must be level B class Mage
7. Wizard Saint must be level level 50 and GM for WS or level 75 and S-Class

To get second and third magic:

1. Normal type users must get to level 20 for second magic
2. Dragon Slayers must eat a different Dragon Slayer type’s magic (ex. Fire must eat lightning)
3. God Slayers are the same as Dragon Slayers

To take on missions:

1. Must be at least D-class to take on missions.
2. Must be the eligible rank to take on certain missions

To apply Macros:

1. Press ctrl+key you want it on, than type in the skill
2. Must only contain spaces (ex. Fire Dragon Wings)

How to level fast:

1. Kill Exceeds
2. Kill Vulcans
3. Kill Dragons
4. Do missions
5. Or kill other players

How to get rank up from Junior Mage:

1. Level stats until you reach level 5

To join events:

1. Go into the events tab and click “join event”
2. Must be at least D-class mage to join

If you are bugged:

1. Request a Administrator or Moderators assistance.

To join another guild:

1. Leave your current guild by clicking the “leave guild” verb  and ask a Guild Master for entry into theirs

Magic Types
Normal Magics:
1.   Solid Script
2.  Ice-make
3.  Water
4.  Heavenly Body
5.  Rainbow Fire
6.  Earth
7.  Air Space
8.  Beast Take Over
9.  Dark Ecriture
10. Fairy

Special Magics:
1. Fire Dragon Slayer
2. Sky Dragon Slayer
3. Iron Dragon Slayer
4. Lightning dragon Slayer
5. Sky God Slayer
6. Lightning God Slayer
7. Poison Dragon Slayer
8. White Dragon Slayer
9. Shadow Dragon Slayer

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PostSubject: Re: General Guid / FAQ   Thu Oct 24, 2013 11:10 am

Ok, as the questions never cease to amaze me, i decided to give a slightly more in depth addition to the guide about each Magic type currently in

Note: although all Dragon Slayers list Dragon Force, you only get it once.

(Note that this guide is currently in works, so if you see a magic thats empty, just give us time)

Solid Script:
Spells: Fire(straight beam attack, can also cause burn), Water(Straight beam attack, also has Push back), Iron(Straight ranged missile, also has Push back), Hole(single targeted Bind), Hide(as suggested, it makes you invisible temporarily), Speed(As suggested, it increases your movement speed temporarily), Guard(Protects from attacks, however only those on the other side of the guard), Heal(Targeted Healing spell)

Static Ice-Make:
Spells: Ice Lance(Straight single missile), Ice Hammer(straight single missile, has Push back), Ice Sword(melee), Knuckle(not sure, will need confirmation, or fixing), Ice Battleaxe(Straight Single Projectile), Ice Shield(Single spot guard, directional), Ice Prison(Targeted Bind), Ice Geyser(This spell creates 5 ice spikes directly in front of you), Ice Saucer(Straight single Projectile with some multi-hit), Ice Arrow(straight single multi-hit missile)

Motion Ice-Make
Spells: ice Mouse(Single Projectile), Ice Eagle(3 Projectiles), Ice Wolf(Melee w/ potential pushback), Tortoise Shell(Shield), Snow Tiger(projectile w/ pushback), Snow Dragon(beam), Hedgehog(Self protection against melees that harms opponents), Diamond Cage(a targeted spell that keeps the opponent from using any attacks)

Spells: Water Slicer(Straight Single multi-hit Missile), Water Beam(Straight single Beam, possible push back), Water Punch(Melee attack), Water Body(im not sure what it buffs), Water Lock(Bind that targets all in view), Water Jigsaw(controllable multi-hit), Water Nebula(straight single beam)

Heavenly Body:
Spells: Heaven Palm(Straight Single Missile), Meteor(speed buff), Heaven Breakdown(target bind, damages), Heaven Arrow(Single Straight Missile), Grand Chariot(large oddly spread multi-hit), Altarias(Projectile), Sema(To Be Revised Later)

Rainbow Fire:
Spells :Orange Fire(projectile/beam), Yellow Fire(projectile/beam w/ burn), Blue Fire(projectile/beam that slows), Green Fire(beam w/ burn and slowing), Purple Fire(projectile/beam that binds)

Spells: Rock Avalanche(straight single missile), Rock Spikes(bind that targets all in view, and damages), Rock Wall(Single Spot Guard), Rock Fist(Straight single Beam, has push back)

Spells: Zetsu(AoE), Zero(3 projectiles), Phase(invisibility), Airspace Eyes(not sure, will confirm later), Metsu(targeted damage)

Beast Take Over:
Spells: Black Bull(punch rate/strength altered), Iron Bull(punch rate/strength altered), Stone Bull(punch rate/strength altered), Reptile(punch rate doubled), WereTiger(a speed based transformation), Lizardman(defensive transformation)

Spells: Dark Ray(1 tiled beam), Dark Vanish(invisibility), Dark Force(targeted thing...), Dark Choke(targted bind), Dark Cage(as water lock), Dark Mass(3-tiled beam)

Dark Ecriture:
Spells: Pain(Targeted Damage Spell), Reflect(Bounces back an attack, returning damage), Trap(Targeted Bind), Destruction(straight single missile), Darkness(Transformation that allows use of two other spells), Darkness breath(straight single multi-hit beam, requires Darkness to use), Flare Bomb(straight single missile, requires Darkness to use)

Spells: Fairy Orb(Projectile), Gremlin(Targeted Damage), Stone Eyes(Targeted Bind),  
Fly(Speed Buff), Fairy Cloud(Invisibility), Fairy Ray(Beam), Leprechaun(3-tiled Beam w/ multihit)

Spells: Projectile Cards(missile), Fire Card(missile with burn), Poison Card(missile with poison), Sleep Card(not sure exactly, i know it puts someone to sleep), Trap Card(missile that binds), Prayers Fountain(missile, not sure if added effect), Summoned Lightning(missile with stun)

Fire Dragon Slayer:
Spells: Iron Fist(melee), Wing Attack(stronger Multi-hit  melee w/ pushbcak), Roar(beam), Brilliant Flame(Projectile), Secret Art(3-tiled beam), Dragon Force

Sky Dragon Slayer:
Spells: Fist(Melee), Claw(Stronger Melee), Wings(Stronger Multi-hit melee(i think it has pushback, dont quote me), Roar(beam w/ pushback), Heal(Targeted Heal), Armor(Targeted Defense boost), Arms(Targeted Damage Boost), Vernier(Targeted speed Boost), Area Heal(AoE Heal), Curse(AoE Drain), Sky Drill(Target Bind and Damage), Dragon Force

Iron Dragon Slayer:
Spells: Iron Dragons Club(fairly close range melee attack, has push back), Iron Dragons Spear(straight single multi-hit Missile), Iron Dragons Sword(Melee Attack), Iron Dragons Roar(single beam), Iron Dragons Iron God Sword(gigantic straight multi-hit attack), Iron Dragons Scales(Defensive/strength boost), Spiral Drill(controllable multi-hit melee), Dragon Force

Lightning Dragon Slayer:
Spells: Lightning Dragons Jaw(), Lightning Dragons Fist(missile w/ stun), Raging Bolt(missile w/ stun), Lightning Dragons Roar(single beam w/ stun), Lightning Eruption(stun bind w/ dmg), Lightning Dragons Halberd(missile with stun), Roaring Thunder(multi-hit melee)

Poison Dragon Slayer:
Spells: Poison Dragons Spiral Jaw(Melee attack), Poison Dragons Fang Thrust(Straight single missile), Poison Dragons Crushing Fang(Straight close range missile attack), Poison Dragons Roar(Straight single Beam), Poison Dragons Scales(7x7 Area of Effect attack centered on user), Poison Dragons Toxic Typhoon(Single targeted multi-hit bind), Dragon Force

Sky God Slayer:
Spells: Boreas(Single Straight Multi-hit Beam), Bellow(single beam), Punch(Melee), Dance(AoE), Heal(Targeted Heal), Eat Air(Self Heal), Heavenly Gathering of Clouds(beam), Area Heal(AoE Heal), Curse(AoE Drain)

Lightning God Slayer:
Spells: Bolt(Projectile w/ stun), Cannon(Beam w/ stun) Fist(Projectile w/ stun), Bellow(Beam w/ stun), Eat Lightning(Self Heal), Raging Storm(targeted damage)

Shadow Dragon Slayer:
Spells: Slash(melee w/ pushback), Blade(stronger melee), Waxwing Flash(melee bombardment), Vortex(single target bind w/ damage(secret art)), Crushing Fang(projectile), Roar(Straight single beam), Shadow Drive(Buff), Eruption(Target bind w/ damage), Claw(Kick, w/ pushback), Dragon Force

White Dragon Slayer:
Spells: Claw(melee), Punch(melee), Holy Blast(Projectile), Roar(beam), Holy Ray(multiple Homing Projectiles), Holy Breath(3-tiled beam), White Drive(Buff), Holy Nova(Super Explosive Punch), Dragon Force

Flame God Slayer:
Spells: Punch(melee), Explosive Flame(melee/ranged single straight missile), Kagutsuchi(single straight missile), Cloud(Single straight Missile), Supper(single Projectile that binds), Eat Fire(Self Heal), Scythe(3 tiled, straight missile)

Spells: Snowball(single straight missile), White Fang(melee), White Fury(single straight beam), Blizzard(AoE that damages those who move in it), White Blizzard(larger AoE with same effect as blizzard)

Satan Soul:
Spells: Satan Soul(full body trans with speed and damage boost), Evil Spark(melee with stun), demonic blast(single beam), Evil Explosion(missile), Soul Extinction(stronger beam), Satanic Blast(even more powerful beam)

Ring Magic:
*note, to use spell, you need to have corresponding ring first
Spells: Speed Punch(faster, stronger punch), Flame bomb(straight missile with burn(i think)), Water Ring(surrounds enemies around you in a loop of water, and damages, dont know if it binds), Chain Lightning(hits enemies around you in succession, damaging, and stunning them), Earth Spike(straight....im not too sure the full details of this one...), Sleep(puts enemies around you too sleep), Charm(stuns enemies of opposite gender around you), Twister(8 directional missiles with pushback)

please correct me if im wrong on any of these spells, ill fix the description as soon as possible
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General Guid / FAQ
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