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 Sky Dragon Slayer/ God Slayers *Support Class Discussions*

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PostSubject: Sky Dragon Slayer/ God Slayers *Support Class Discussions*   Thu Jan 30, 2014 4:38 am

So if you're a support class like me you already know how weak the support class is right now, not in terms of power/strength but in their roles. Supporting

I'm a Sky DS, and I love the buffs but their needs to be many improvements, I've already spoken to Ryan about them and he did listen but its still not good enough IMO.

So right now let's just focus on the Sky Dragon Slayer, since I have yet to try God Slayer.

List of Improvements/Additions That I think are fair and balanced and if they come true I have faith in this game, Byond games have a this thing were support classes aren't special and they all suck -__-' Ryan Hemlsey this is your chance my friend break this cycle for us! I beg of you~


Let's start with the Buffs, the buffs are fair and great but when you're in a close combat situation and you have allies its very hard to click them, then yourself and then your opponent again when you're fighting. So I suggest a DURATION increase, I was thinking about 2 minutes. Seriously so we wouldn't have to keep buffing ourselves and allies so constantly and also we can buff new players and help them level etc.

A new Buff or as I like to call it now, "Sky Dragons Blessing." this buff will have a duration of 30 seconds and it works like fairy heart but instead of 25% chance of getting up. It's a nice 100%! But you're coming back with 25% HP and buffs you had prior if any are gone. Cooldown should be about probably 10 seconds on this one. Since it's going to be point and click theres a chance of you missing your target so I don't see this being OP at all.

"Curse Breeze" An AoE that heals all DOTs and what not. Cooldown eh, 20 secs?

And since like I said before point and click is a daunting task in combat situations I suggest Sky DS have another spell which is there AoE healing spell which is also a self heal for them aswell. "Mass Heal" idk didn't give it much thought but Sky DS needs this. Point and Click is annoying.

And with the one we already have, please, please make it a ranged non-binding heal, right now it binds a player and the healer for 5 seconds more or less. And the heal rate is terrible too considering I have 320 Mp and only heal 1.2k. I can get a nice 5k HP off you in 5 seconds. So make it a ranged healing or if not keep it a binding heal but the HP gain buffed greatly!

As for Sky God Slayers, I was thinking they can have the blessing spell and you can give them "Debuff" spells. Making them Debuff supports that would be awesome, also I bet they need a buff to their healing magics aswell.

Sky Dragon Slayer Buff/Healer
Sky God Slayer Debuffer/Healer

Balanced out don't you think?
Thanks for reading

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Sky Dragon Slayer/ God Slayers *Support Class Discussions*
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