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 Mech's Newbie Guide and FAQ

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PostSubject: Mech's Newbie Guide and FAQ   Tue Feb 04, 2014 5:52 am

hey all, so i decided to post this because people are always asking questions, about everything.

Im going to start with a FAQ.

Q: Is 'Insert Magic Type' Good?

A: Technically, all magics are good, and bad in some aspects, I'll talk about how i Feel about each specific Magic later in detail.

Q: Where's 'Insert Town/Guild' Located?

A: This is more of a suggestion, get your Main stats your magic is based off of to 100, then your speed, and walk through the roads until you memorize where each town is, at least once when you play.
Now on the Answer side, The towns, from top to bottom, left to right go something like this:
Tulip/Sabertooth, Cherry/Mermaid Heel, Bluebell/Blue Pegasus, Oak/Phantom Lord, Crocus, Magnolia/Fairy Tail, Haregon, Calla/Raven Tail, Clover/Lamia Scale, Maple/Quattro Cerberus

Q: When Will 'Insert unadded magic' be in?

A: i dont know, and if you keep asking me it'll either never be in, or suck, balls, big hairy ones at that...

Q: Do you need any help Iconning?

A: No, i need people to stop bothering me every second when i get on so i can icon, not more people to filter the icons from

Q: What are Magic Points/Unity/Chaos/Dark/Light?

A: Bullshit, absolute bullshit atm. never believe anything anyone tells you until this changes, because it'll still be bullshit.

Q: This Magic is good in the anime, why isn't it that good in the game?

A: 2 reasons: 1. You aren't the person in the anime, your power level is different from theirs. 2. some of the magics differ, and the spells change when taking from the anime to the game.

now that some of those are out of the way...

My thoughts on Magic types:

Static Ice-Make: pretty low damage at start, but has good promise, best combo Prison+Arrow+Saucer. best magics to go with it: Water, Motion Ice-Make, Snow, Airspace

Motion Ice-Make: although it looks good, seems lacking a bit in power compared to Static, has a more kind of 'secondary ice-make' feel to it. best magic to go with it: Static Ice-Make, Water, Snow, Airspace

Water: pretty good, although slow at beginning, used to be one of the most solid mr trainers in the game. best spell: Water Jigsaw. best magic to go with it: Static Ice-Make, Motion Ice-Make, Snow, Airspace, Fairy, Darkness

Earth: pretty good as i remember it, does some good damage, cant really suggest a particular magic to go with it.

Heavenly Body: ah, one of the first off favorites, speed boost as a second spell, and some fairly good damage spells. Best spell: Sema or Meteor. Best combo: Meteor+Heaven Breakdown+Sema. Best magic to go with it: Static Ice-Make, Snow, Airspace

Card: geh, card one of my least favorite magics, it consumes quite a bit of cash, which makes it horrible for starting, and doesn't have much use, as all the spells are straight shots for the most part. Worst Magic to go with it: Rainbow Fire, Ring

Ring: another money sucker, but less so then card, but it deals more in AoEs, so it redeems itself there. Best Combo: Sleep Ring/Lightning Ring+ Twister Ring/Water Ring. best magics to go with it: ya cant go too wrong with ring. Worst Magics to go with it: BTO, DTO, DE, Card

Rainbow Fire: ah, rainbow fire, although it can be good, don't let anyone fool you, its more or less for mp training, since although its spammable, all its spells are either 1 tile balls, or 1 tile wide beams, making it hard to hit people with it, since they can just step out the way, and usually do in a fight.

Darkness: another good magic, is usually used by bind whores, because of its invisibility, and binding spells. Best magics to go with it: Water, Airspace, Fairy

Dark Ecriture: an old favorite of mine, and one of the first few i iconned Smile as its lower spells are spammable, and its higher spells are notorious for mass damage, it makes this magic one of my top choices. Best Combo: Darkness+Trap+Darkness Breath. Best magic to go with it: not much, since in Darkness form, you cant use other magic type spells anyway

Solid Script: this magic, while it is versatile, inst very useful for damage, this is more or less, for support, and tends to lean on other magics. the three damage spells you do get do a lot of damage, but have a long c/d rate, while the others are either support(Heal, Guard, Speed, Hole) or for running away(Speed, Hide)

Fairy: another good magic, and a regular favorite amongst people, and Ive seen why, this magic makes up for what it lacks in attractive names, for spells, and their power. Best Combo: although i haven't played with it too much, i imagine Stone Eyes+ Gremlin+Leprechaun would be best in battle. Best magics to go with it: Darkness, Water, Snow, Airspace, Static Ice-Make

Beast Take Over: one of the few magics that can take on most people solo is right here, as it can easily run around the enemy, and punch holes straight through them, with a downside that no magic goes good with it, ever

Satan Soul: another Take Over Magic, and if you watched the anime, prepare to be disappointed, the magic is not severely OP, that was just Mirajane xD. and to add to the disappointment, the magic is barely good all together, since all of its spells require the Satan soul trans to use its spells, and the spells are easy to avoid, again this magic doesn't have a whole lot of positive to match out the negatives, since the best spell seems to max out only bout 100 more then your mp or so. as with BTO, no magic goes good with this.

Airspace: a secondary magic, with some OP spells, this is just begging to be combo-ed with something, since it has to, literally. Best Combo: Airspace Eyes+Metsu+Zetsu. Best magics to go with it: Snow, Darkness, Water, Static Ice-Make, Fairy

Snow: wow, i look at this magic, and i don't see much redeemable from its pitiful spell list, as the magic with the fewest spells, it has to do some mass damage, right? not really. What about its 2 AoEs? only damages when the opponents move within it. Best magic to go with it: Airspace. im not going to suggest anything else, because you need something to move those a-holes with xD

Fire Dragon Slayer: well, actually, i cant say much on DS or GS, since i dont play em, but fir seems to be only really popular amongst natsu wannabes. Best magics to go with it: PDS, IDS, LDS, SkDS

Lightning Dragon Slayer: one of the worst DS since, although it has stuns, doesnt have much in regards to varying spells. Best magics to go with it: FDS, PDS

Sky Dragon Slayer: don't ever let anyone fool you, when i first played this game, a Sky DS was one of the most OP players in game, yeah he had Fire as second, but he never used it. Best Magics to go with it: PDS, FDS, ShDS

Iron Dragon Slayer: ah, Iron, the one that gets screwed towards getting DF, although it is very good in damage. Best Magics to go with it: ShDS, WDS, FDS

Poison Dragon Slayer: although slow, it has a nice Damage over time rate, and a fairly versatile spell list. Best magics to go with it: FDS, LDS

Shadow Dragon Slayer: one of the mixtures of strength and magic, this has some binds as well as quite a nice lot of damaging spells. Best Magic To go with it: SkDS, IDS, WDS

White Dragon Slayer: lastly, another melee/magic mixture, but most of its ranged spells are projectiles or beams in varying size/power. Best magic to go with it: IDS, ShDS, SkDS

Fire God Slayer: ah, the God slayers, not much to say about them, since they all, while are more powerful then their DS counterpart, have somehow a shittier Spell list.Cant suggest combos, theres only three GS, pick one to go with it

Lightning God Slayer: again, not as good as LDS, like FGS, and has more linear spells to boot.

Sky God Slayer: a small exception to the rule, as SGS has some nice Multi-Hit and AoE spells, probably the only one worth getting in my eyes.

Remember Though, that this is my opinion, I'd really suggest, if you've even gotten this far, and didn't just stop at the magic you wanted to know my opinion on, didnt read the FAQ, or didn't even click the lnk to the forum WHEN YOU LOGGED IN....that you form your own opinions about each magic, try them out a bit before judging them from what other people say.

because, tbh, 60% this will all be bullshit by the time you read it.

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Mech's Newbie Guide and FAQ
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