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 BTO + Meteor Bug

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PostSubject: BTO + Meteor Bug   Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:30 am

Using meteor followed by certains Take overs can cause either:

1- The first Spell buff gets nulled.
2- A bug on the punch speed/damage rate.


(1)Meteor + Lizard Arm = Meteor buff gets nulled and the lizard arm buff is kept.

(1)Meteor + Weretiger = Meteor buff gets nulled and Weretiger Buff Continues.

(2)Meteor + Black/Iron/Stone Bull = The punches speed gets around 4x to 6x faster and the Punch damage keeps on being buffed in 1.5x/2x/3x (Black/Iron/Stone)

(2)Meteor + Lizard Man = Punches with double the speed and 3x more defense.


Simple Bugs...
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BTO + Meteor Bug
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