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 Guild Standings

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PostSubject: Guild Standings   Sat Nov 23, 2013 10:24 am

Alright this is something necessary that new players may or may not be aware of. Guild Standings (We'll be using GS for short) are what is used in Fairy Tail to determine the overall success and rank of a guild. It isn't just for show though...

Guild Standings never drop below 50 and never go above 500 for legal guilds! This includes Fairy Tail, Phantom Lord, Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale, Mermaid Heel, Raven Tail, Quattro Cerberus, and SabreTooth. Those with no guild or those in a dark guild have a constant and unchangeable guild standing of 100. The dark guilds would be Grimmore Heart, Oracion Seis, and Tartarus.

Now why are the GS so important for a guild? Well that's because they affect how fast you training will go! Every 10 GS your guild earns will make you train that much faster! That's right the more GS you have, the faster you will gain stats:

  • 50GS = x.5 Speed
  • 100GS = x1 Speed
  • 200GS = x2 Speed
  • 300GS = x3 Speed
  • 400GS = x4 Speed
  • 500GS = x5 Speed

GS is great, huh? It's tough to get it up though, but very easy to lose. If you lose GS you're hurting your entire guild as well as slowing down your own training, so here are things you can do to help and things you should try to avoid:
A death by another player will result in your guild losing 3 GS, while it doesn't seem like much every GS counts.
A death by an NPC will also result is your guild losing 3 GS, you shouldn't rush into trying to fight monsters if you aren't even a C-Class mage yet.
A guild member betrayal, meaning killing a member of your guild or being killed by a member of your guild, will result in your guild losing 11 GS. That a lot of GS to lose at once when it affects your training as a whole so much.
While these things might seem obvious to avoid, accidents happen while training together with other players. So when you do so please be extra careful while keeping your other guild members in mind, and if not that then atleast think of your own training speed.

A player kill will result in you earning your earn +3 GS each time!
An NPC kill will award no GS, so don't go rushing into fights with them unless you have a reason to.
A mission completion awards your guild a certain amount of GS each time depending on what rank mission that you complete! Remember that you can only do missions equal to or below whatever class mage that your character is.

  • SS Rank Mission = +10 GS +5 GS
  • S Rank Mission = +5 GS +4 GS
  • A Rank Mission = +4 GS +3 GS
  • B Rank Mission = +3 GS +2 GS
  • C Rank Mission = +2 GS +1 GS
  • D Rank Mission = +1 GS +.5 GS

The final way to earn GS for your guild is by winning an event! Now this is tricky and should be left to the B-Class mages and above in your guild. When you die in an event your guild loses 3 GS, when you are killed by a member of your guild or kill a member of your guild in an event then your guild loses 11 GS, if you kill a player from another guild in an event then your guild gains 3 GS. There are only two events as of this moment, both of which will award 20 GS to the guild that the winner belongs to.

Protip: Every Friday Everyday the standings of every guild will be reset to 200 in the morning, do your best to take care of it!

To conclude this GS Guide just remember to be careful when training with any other player so that they don't kill you by mistake or that so you don't kill them by mistake, try to put your guild before yourself so that your fellow guild members won't suffer for your mistakes, and think about the people that will be joining your guild in the future before playing chance with your guild's standing.
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Guild Standings
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