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 Just Your Basic Guild Titles Suggestions (A bit long)

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Aomine Daiki

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PostSubject: Just Your Basic Guild Titles Suggestions (A bit long)   Thu Feb 13, 2014 7:09 am

Currently, everyone harrasses Ryan for Guild Master, Wizard Saint, and the S-Class exams.  This got to the point that in this current wipe he had to edit himself because people wouldn't leave him alone to train like he had wanted to do, and he even had to take out the tell verb because people were spamming him with requests.  This leads to the following suggestions:

I.  Automatic Guild Titles:

Right now for Wizard Saint you must be level 75+ or higher in order to become one, for Guild Master the level requirement is now the same thing (However, truth be told that is not set in stone, and it has been said that in order to become a guild master you need at least 200 in each individual statistic).  So why not just make these ranks automatic for players so we will not have to continually ask for the ranks?  I honestly get annoyed as much as Ryan does about all the people in the chat asking for GM all at once.  I think that requirements for each rank should be set in stone, then the first person from each guild who fulfills those requirements will be awarded the rank in which they can choose to accept or decline.  

Now, I know what the next question is going to be, "What about the Dark Guilds?  You can't start in them, so you won't be offered the GM title unless you are given it by Ryan." Yes, I know that.  Which is why you will have the option of becoming a Dark Guild Master once you leave your guild, in fact you can have your pick of the litter as to which one you want to be if you're the first to reach the requirements for it, and not in a guild.  

This suggestion just seems too obvious to be true, but it is.

II.  S-Class Exams:

I have honestly never been in an S-Class exam, due to the fact that they are so scarcely hosted.  I believe that this suggestion lies in conjunction with the first suggestion.  Simply give each Guild Master (Except Dark Guild Masters) the ability to host S-Class exams or appoint S-Class wizards to people ONLY in their guild (Probably the simpler of the 2 options, and the most efficient).  It just wouldn't make sense for a person who is the Fairy Tail Guild Master to make someone in SabreTooth an S-Class mage.  

III.  Guild Title Challenges:

What?  You thought I forgot about this?  Of course I haven't, I only see people ask to challenge for GM about 50 times a day in the chat.  My solution to this is very simple, once a person hits A-Rank in their guild or reaches the requirements to become a GM (Which is how I would prefer it).  Then they will have a verb that appears in their command tab that will allow them to send a request to the GM to challenge for their position, if the GM accepts, they will be teleported to an arena specifically made for these Challenges (or if that is too much to ask for, perhaps the 2 combatants can just find their own area to fight) with the winner obtaining or retaining the title.  The max that the GM has to accept in challenges from each individual person is one challenge a day, if you the GM decides to take anything over that then it is at their own discretion.

The question I can see being asked about this, is why not make the person become an S-Class wizard instead of just an A-Class wizard (if that's the way you choose to do it) before they can challenge for GM.  The reason is simple, because we don't want GMs purposefully trying to retain their ranks by not giving deserving candidates the rank they need in order to challenge them.
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PostSubject: Re: Just Your Basic Guild Titles Suggestions (A bit long)   Sun Aug 10, 2014 12:34 pm

1. if we allow these titles to be automatic: guess what, everyone will be a guild master, because code cant account for everything, and i dont really care about making a code to make them auto.
1b. another thing is that these titles ARE limited, even if they were 'automatic' itd still be limited, and then guess what, admin(me) would have to be on to make sure people who actually wanted the positions got them, and the people who didnt, werent.

2. s class exams were removed, gms can promote S-class now

3. thought about it, considered it, its obn my list of things to consider coding, stop asking.
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Just Your Basic Guild Titles Suggestions (A bit long)
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