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 Let's Move Onward: A more skillful game!

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PostSubject: Let's Move Onward: A more skillful game!   Mon Feb 17, 2014 1:21 am

Let's start with Binds.

Binds, those wretched things, are a single-handled problem.

As they are now, its just
Homing, in-dodge-able, superman, GG Bind ----> OP Combo -----> Lose a crap load of HP from combo ------> Run around till CD off ------> Bind ---> Win.

Now, thats not to say some binds aren't -ok-.

The stuns or binds that last for a measly 2 seconds so that you can chain together another spell are fine. Those binds usually come from aiming and landing a specific attack that stuns or binds, i.e. lightning, rf purple beam, etc.

Moves like Heavenly Body's bind, or Shadow slayers eruption, that last a split second are fine.

Now, what we're really edging on here about are the crazy-side ones like Ice Prison, or earth binds, or dark eciture binds, etc.

The binds that last over 4 seconds and the binds that you can't dodge need 1 of these three things:
-You have to click your opponent after pressing [insertbindskill] to get them; if you fail to click them within 4 seconds the bind goes on CD.
-While someone is caught in your long bind you only do 50% damage to them (since they end up, more than likely, hitting you with their full arsenal while you can't move.)
-remove homing binds and make a skillful, aimed, projectile hit equate to being binded. (i.e: shooting a ice trail forward and hitting you opponent putting them in Ice Prison)
Lets move on to Beams.

For the most part, beams are fine; however, linear(single-tiles) beams are pretty lack luster on Dragon Slayers and a few other magics.

As you know, there are speed boosts and now fast movement at a certain speed(post-update).
Because of the fast-pace game-play, a 1 or 2 second delay to shoot your linear beam is only a hindrance. All single tiled beams, unless SUPER moves, should have no delay like rainbow fire beams.

For example, Wind dragon slayer or Shadow Dragon slayer only have one beam; however, good luck hitting much without a bind. -Offtopic, they also don't knock back half the time? (Is there a knock back chance??)

The only beams that should keep there delay are the 3 tiled, or super beams.
Let's move on to Healing.

Healing is also a tad bit of a problem right now; it's not very fun if your doing work to dwindle your opponent's hp down, but he/she can heal a bit of it back up every 30 seconds after running away and re-entering the battle.

It's like a person without heal fighting someone with heal, lets say they both have 5k hp, but now since the healer has healed themselves twice for 2.5k hp within the whole 1minute and 24 seconds of the fight, the healer virtually got 10k hp to fight in that match.

Most of the time, if you don't outskill and outright destroy a healer in damage you'll lose.

Healing, suggested, should be approximately a cap of 1/6 your hp and be able to be done every 40 seconds. That way the healer will still retain the ability to heal itself in combat, but at a longer rate as well as not for an overzealous amount.

(So now, if you have 5k hp and you heal for 1/6 of that(1500hp) every 40 seconds instead of 30, that seems balanced. Don't forget the first use of the skill doesn't equate into the 40 seconds. It only goes into 40 seconds after having been used once, so at the start of the match they virtually have 6500 hp automatically, and then 8000 next use.)

And that's it so far.

Suggestions, thoughts, comments below.
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PostSubject: Re: Let's Move Onward: A more skillful game!   Mon Feb 17, 2014 4:04 am

I know right. I feel like binds and healing are really cheap. And there are so many useless moves that people don't use (like one-tile moves such as magic ball or beams).

I feel like binds should be aimed for. Like if you know "shadow possession jutsu, or mind transfer jutsu (Naruto termsĀ Razz), they haveĀ to be accurately aimed for. I wouldn't mind if it may be like shadow possession jutsu where it can move in different directions (as long as there's a limit) so we can simply escape from it.

But a simple click and bind... especially when you can still keep the target as your "binding target." It would be better if the person loses the binding target once they go out of range, but having them still targeted allows for a massive bind spam. XD

But I like the idea if it was actually a single or multiple-tile binding move instead. Like if you look at Jura's earth moves, here's some improvements that could be done to them:
1) Rock Crush does not mean rocks instantly appear on the opponent. In the anime, rock crush is shown to be a bunch of rocks that Jura holds in the air then he throws the rock to cover the opponent. So it's not like an instant bind move, he had to aim for it.
2) Rock Spikes could be like a move that could be like an AoE, that builds up quickly. First there would be a 3x3 rock spike, next second it goes up to 4x4 rock spike, then 5x5, 6x6, 7x7 and it would bind the opponent that way.
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PostSubject: Re: Let's Move Onward: A more skillful game!   Sun Aug 10, 2014 12:16 pm

the problem is less of 'the delay' on beams, even if you down the time between activation and release, the beam still takes a little bit to get to your enemy, but,. in the anime, a lot of those beams seem to be super easy to avoid. So, whats the problem? i mean, seriously, seems like if i just remove binds, then im sure my biggest complaint will to bring binds back, because you people are lazy, and dont wanna have to punch, or rely on AoEs.

it isnt the fact that the heals are op thats the problem, the problem is, disincluding the god slayers eat spells, there are four spells that heal the user, or can at least. this needs to be fixed one way or the other, and its a 'if i remove them, people will bitch' kind of deal, because if i remove heals, all heals go.
i really dont want to hear much more about binds, because tbh, theyll always be a problem, regardless of how not op they are
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PostSubject: Re: Let's Move Onward: A more skillful game!   

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Let's Move Onward: A more skillful game!
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