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 I love tu suggest, so i have more...

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PostSubject: I love tu suggest, so i have more...   Sat Feb 22, 2014 8:14 am

RT passive: It shouldnt work in arena, it makes ppl come out of the map and sometimes they cant come out, and it is annyoing while youre sparring.

Arena timer: A command where you can check your time until you can join in the arena or how much time left you have until you can leave arena.

Exp in events based on lvl: At low lvls you can get like 9 lvls by just joining, the exp should be based on your lvl, the more lvl you have, the more the exp that you get.

More spells for OS lost magics: OS has the worst lost magics, make more spells for them.

Gravity based on mp: The time and effectivity of the spells should be based in your mp and mr of your enemy, if you have high mp and your enemy has low mr he wont be able to move, if you have high mp and he has medium mr, the will move but slow, if you have high mp and he has high mr, he will be able to move and he will be just a bit slower.

Eat Fire/Lightning/Air: When you use it you will be stunned, the amount of health/magika recovered will depend on how much time you wanna be binded, you will stop eating when you press the skill again, for example if i use it for just 3 secs i will regen a little amount, if i use it for 10 secs i will regen all or a big amount.
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PostSubject: Re: I love tu suggest, so i have more...   Sun Aug 10, 2014 11:41 am

RT's passives annoyingly stupid anyway, and guild passives are getting a bit of a revamp

im not sure whats being done about the spar arena, but it might be fixed up some when im done readding it

as far as os(which, at most its magics have 2-3 spells?) and gh(which at most, its magics have 3 damage inflicting spells), they arent even getting their 'lost' magics anymore for 1 reason: its stupid to have them there, the only reason why tarts keeping its curses, is because they are specific to the members in tartarus

'eat' spells are stupid, but thats because the god slayers have so few spells, so they needed something, this is going to get modifified a bit, and god slayers over all are going to changed quite a bit

exp: the problem is in most events it IS based on your level, and on the number of people in the event. The Problem? one person will join the event, and just end up getting the exp, which will be extremekly low, this is currently fine, because you shouldnt just get a bunch of exp because your higher level going into an event and end up being the only one, you should be more rewarded for actually fighting people in the event.
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I love tu suggest, so i have more...
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