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For the BYOND game Fairy Tail by Ryan-hemsley
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 Last time on 'FAIRY TAIL'

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PostSubject: Last time on 'FAIRY TAIL'   Sat Aug 13, 2016 11:23 am

so, let me be straight with you guys, this forum is out of date, and the other one needs mass editting if its to go for this version. Anyway, regardless, welcome back to all who actually come on the forum or w/e

oh, i decided to share with you guys a little something from recent times:

Updates since ryan came back:
Rebirth System
Shade Magic
Paper Blizzard Magic
various other crap

anyway, onto the next subject, so while i was talking with ryan, we ended up putting some bases into view in the staffroom, and i thought id just show you guys this horror show

so obviously, you got myself, and Asuna there, as well as the background of the staffroom, otherwise, you have(from top-left to bottom right), the current FT base(and ryans old ft base at that), the NNG base, the NFF base i recieved, and ofc, the horrifying mutated base that i used during a transition phase.
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Last time on 'FAIRY TAIL'
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