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 Update List(Sorry i started this a bit late)

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PostSubject: Update List(Sorry i started this a bit late)   Tue Nov 26, 2013 7:44 am

Up to 08/12/2013

  • Added Card Magic

  • White Dragon Slayer

  • Shadow Dragon Slayer

  • Fire God Slayer

  • 2 New Hair Styles For Female

  • 2 New Hair Styles For Male

  • Made Missions Give Exp in Stats as well as Level

  • Added Clothes

  • Added an Axe melee weapon

  • New lag free server

  • Lightning Dragon Slayers stun time halved and icon for stun added

  • Missions can now be canceled at the cost of a random 1-10 guild standings

  • Wood Cutting,Fire Making,Fishing and Cooking Skills added.

  • Made Binds less Over Powered

  • Satan Soul Take Over Added

  • Spar and Meditate training modes added

  • Extension Curse added for Tartarus

  • Spar arena added. X2 experience gains in here

  • Sky Dragon/Sky Gods Curse and Blessing spells added

  • Added Recoil damage to the Lizard Man Take-Over
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Update List(Sorry i started this a bit late)
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