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 The Rules of the game

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PostSubject: The Rules of the game   Fri Oct 25, 2013 1:34 pm

so, since this appearently was ignored, and so few people know them, heres the freaking rules on the game, posted for convienence, in this forum

1. No Multi-Keying(Mking): Do not have two keys with the same IP on interacting with one another. This act is bannable.(there is also a circumstance, if you and another person flip-flop between control of an alt, and attack each other, it is considered basically mk training, and will be dealt with from now on, so don't do it)

2. No Spawn Killing: Do not kill someone at the point where they spawn(there is also a clause that disallows constantly killing people whenever they take a step out of spawn, which can result in being counted as spawn killing as well)

3. No Spam Killing: Do not constantly kill anyone, even if they ask you too, this is considered bannable

4. No AFK training: Do not find a way to leave your computer and continue to train, either by yourself, or by someone else beating on you.

5. No spamming in OOC: seriously, don't spam random crap, you will be mute. repeat offenders may find themselves booted, or temporarily banned

6. No Mute Avoiding: do not in any way, try to avoid being muted, if you do, not only will your mute be most likely extended, but you can also be booted, or temp banned instead.

many of these acts are bannable, all are bootable

By the Way. just a little note here, if you think what ever your going to do is a way to avoid being caught doing one of these things, you probably shouldn't be doing it, i don't really want to have to add more circumstances, cases, and clauses where people tried something they thought was avoiding doing something wrong, but basically doing exactly that. that is all
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The Rules of the game
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